Do you sell wholesale?2014-08-12T13:12:49-04:00

Yes. Contact our business office during business hours and provide your business name, tax # and address for pricing.

Do you make SUGAR-FREE jams?2014-09-18T14:47:24-04:00

Not at this time. However, most of the sugar in our fruit jams comes from the concentrated whole fruits and berries that we use. Very little or no water is added and only enough refined sugar to set the products.

Do you have FAT-FREE products?2014-09-03T15:27:15-04:00

YES! All of our products are Fat Free except our Sandwich Spread.

Do you use artificial preservatives, MSG, or corn syrup in your products?2014-09-03T15:27:31-04:00

NO! We do use food coloring in 3 products (Watermelon and Cinnamon Pickles and Green Pepper Jelly). This is to mask the discoloring from the spices since we don’t use any chemicals to preserve color.

How do you open the lids on your products?2014-09-04T15:57:34-04:00

If you are having a problem opening the lid, turn the jar upside down and place it with the lid resting on a flat, hard surface.  Tap firmly 3 times, then try to remove the lid.  If you are still having a problem try tapping again, a little harder.  You should hear a “pop” (the vacuum seal breaking) and the lid should twist off easily.

Our lids are sealed tightly, and comply with FDA regulations that require us to use a Plasticol lid.  These are coated inside to prevent the acid content of the product(s) from corroding the lids.  In other words, your products are guaranteed to be FRESH!!!

Where can we buy your products?2014-09-03T15:31:39-04:00

We sell our products directly from our website, or you can place an order by calling us at (540) 886-5249 Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm.

Do I have to buy a whole case?2014-09-03T15:32:24-04:00

No. You can mix or match any items you like. However, due to our quantity discounts and shipping costs, it is beneficial to purchase a case of 12.

Do you ship? How much does it cost?2019-05-01T19:48:25-04:00

Yes, we ship UPS within the United States.  Flat rate for 1 – 12 products is $18.95 (mix or match your favorites).

When and where will you be in my area for the next show?2014-08-12T13:05:47-04:00

Visit our Events and Shows page for a schedule of our shows.

Where do you get your produce?2014-09-03T15:33:21-04:00

More than 50% of the produce we use is raised here on our farm, and we oversee the processing from start to finish.