There’s nothing quite like seeing a wall being built. The long hours and dedication working in the hot sun that went into building this wall was phenomenal. With that being said you can only imagine what the end result will be, it’s definitely something to see.

Preparation for the Installation of the Retaining Wall

Before we could get started putting the retaining wall together we had to do a little (or a lot) of preparing. To begin with, the excavators had to come in and move any dirt that was in the way of where the wall was going. Making sure the design of the land was right was a very important part of this process. After the layout was correct, we had the guys lay what’s called a French Drain to ensure proper water drainage from the wall. We then had to make sure the ground itself was level so that our block would lay right. Gravel was added to the length of the wall for extra support underneath, making sure the wall wouldn’t shift any after being installed. Everything was then leveled again to make sure the area was ready for install.

Once we had the ground ready for the wall to be put together we ordered our block. We decided to use a type of block called REDI-BLOCK which go together by stacking them like Legos making the installation a little easier (but not much). Shortly after the block was ordered the tractor trailers started bringing them in. Unloading 4 truck loads of block took some time to do and quite a bit of space to lay them. When we were finally unloaded we were ready to install the block, not before the permit to do so was obtained though!

Putting the Retaining Wall Together

Once the block was delivered and the proper permit was obtained, we began to put the wall together. Carefully placing each block was a scrutinizing task that took a lot of time and patience. After each row of block was installed, they were once again leveled and inspected for any errors which were then fixed and the next row then started. Many hours later we now have a gorgeous retaining wall. Although not completely finished, the wall is definitely a sight to see!

What’s Next to Come With the Wall

Now that we have our wall installed and looking great we will continue to make it look even better. Next we will be adding some landscaping behind the wall to help accent it. Beautiful flowers and shrubbery along with a gravel bank and some outdoor decor will definitely make everything look spectacular. We will also be staining the block of the wall a gorgeous grey color which will bring it to life! Be sure to stay tuned for more information on The Inn construction.