Our guys have been hard at it working on The Inn. Since our last blog we have now completed the footers for The Inn connection. This was a very interesting project to see. After all the footers were dug out using large machinery, the framing of them began. Using a material called Form-A-Drain, the guys got started on the framing process, making sure to give us the proper structure for great water drainage along with support.

Footer Framing

Next came pouring the footers. After all framing was completed and double checked, the concrete truck was brought in. As the concrete truck poured the concrete into the footer framing, it was then distributed evenly using garden rakes. When the framing became full, the concrete was leveled on top for a nice flat surface. Once the concrete dried, the footers were checked over again to make sure everything was still the way it should be.

While framing and pouring the footers was a good accomplishment we are ready to keep moving forward with construction. Next we have the block foundation to work on. With many pallets of cinder block delivered along with a few huge bags of sand, we should be starting on this very soon! To stay up-to-date on our construction process be sure to check back with us on our blog along with our Facebook page. Also, please like, share and comment to let us know what you guys think!

Cinder Block
Cinder Block & Sand